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For composting, Eisenia fetida, the so-called redworm or "red wiggler?the Cadillac of worms," is particularly valuable. In nature, these composting worms tend to be highly localized, thriving in pockets of highly enriched, organic materials. They will consume a great variety of organic wastes and excrete "earthworm castings," a highly valued soil conditioner. Redworms tolerate a wide range of environmental conditions, which helps explain their adaptability to a variety of low-tech and high-tech systems and many climates.

Don?t be fooled by high-priced "hybrids," buying clubs or fancy marketing schemes. All redworms are SUPERWORMS.

We use priority mail for shipping. All shipments guaranteed live.All prices above include postage.

1 pound of "red wigglers"

2 pounds of "red wigglers"

3 pounds of "red wigglers"

4 pounds of "red wigglers"

5 pounds of "red wigglers"

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