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Casting are deposits that once moved through the digestive tract of a worm. They are a microbial activity enhancer and are also a natural soil amendment. They also help with moisture retention. The benefits of using casting on your plants are healthier plants with darker foliage, producing more blooms and fruits. Studies show mixing worm castings about 1/3 to 2/3 potting soil, benefit the most. You can sprinkle casting on top of your house plants soil, watering them, sending the nutrients down to the roots. You can also sprinkle casting in the windrow before planting your garden seeds. A nutrient analysis show the castings we produce contain nitrogen (1.1%), phosphorus (1.8 %) potassium ( 0.7%) and iron (0.1%).

Prices include shipping.

1/4 cubic ft castings $13.50
1 cubic ft. $42.00
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