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Wilson's Worm farm is nestled in a valley in the beautiful Montana Rocky Mountains. We have been raising and selling redworms (eisenia fetida) and their castings since 1996. Eisenia fetida are the most preferred species for vermicomposting and gardening. In 2001, Wilson's Worms ventured into the feasibility of vermicomposting at county municipalities. We are currently teaching Sanders County employees to vermicompost organic material at three county transfer sites. Due to the success of this first project, (surviving a Montana winter) we are in the process of one more project with another county municipality and the A.W.A.R.E. group.

Joe Wilson, of Wilson's Worms, also holds workshops for the public. Teaching the methods, values, and benefits of vermicomposting in private homes. Wilson's Worms have also introduced the benefits of vermicomposting to numerous commercial equestrian boarding stables. Showing them how to reduce their waste, turning it into a natural useable product, the castings.

home :: about us :: worms worm bins :: castings :: contact

Wilson's Worms keeps all customer information strictly confidential.